Day 21 Kimberly Haring Exploring Lausanne


8 thoughts on “Day 21 Kimberly Haring Exploring Lausanne”

  1. kimberlyharing

    This page and the ones to come are some I had to think long and hard about whether to tackle. They are part of a trip my ex husband and I took for our 10th anniversary and my 40th birthday. So much of that trip wasn’t awesome for me, and as we have since divorced, my view of that trip has been further compromised.

    But I decided it was time. Time to tackle the four inches of photos and the kit I put together for it years ago and just plow through the remaining stories I wanted to capture. I had done more than half of the album before we contemplated or got divorced, and completing this will be another moment of both closure and celebration of the things I DID love on that trip.

    This is also a celebration that this trip reignited my wandering spirit. After many years of not traveling because my husband wasn’t a great traveler, we went on this trip In 2014. In 2015, I took my kids alone to NYC. In 2016, I went with a girlfriend to England. In 2018, I went alone to Italy (and to our reunion in Denver!). In 2019, I took my kids to London and took a trip to Croatia with a girlfriend.

    This trip, even if it wasn’t the best, is definitely worth memorializing for its impact on reminding me that exploring is part of who I am and how I always want to live my life. 😊

  2. Hugs! I’m sure this is really hard for you to do, and congrats for making happen. You made a beautiful layout!

  3. I am happy that you are able to do this, it is part of your story and it deserves to be told. I like the stripes and the embellishments on this page.

  4. MarciaFortunato

    Love the stripes and how they mimic the rows of windows. Kudos to you for seeing the positive and tackling this project.

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