Day 23 BettyLou Something


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  1. LOAD has done it again. I start out creating one layout only to create another one. I was still thinking about today’s prompt so I chose to work on some of my “catch up” layouts for my May Everyday project. Not counting today I had five to do so I thought I’d start there. Then as I chose the photos for 1 May, I realized that they actually fit today’s prompt so off I went. Then I realized that there was a more personal “back story” that would make this an incredible layout for my All About Me album (soon to be albums). I created the back story layout which needs so much obscuring that I think I’ll just not post it here. It’s now 1930 and I’ve yet to complete any of the five simple layouts I thought I’d do today.

    Credits: Project Life app & Just Add Color

    1. I did not know Dyson made hair dryers. Will need to investigate. Yours is a beauty, as is your page. I’m glad we got to see this layout.

  2. Haha
    I can totally relate! I often get fired up to document one story, abandon it because of limited time left. Settle for pulling a few pictures from my camera that seem easy to do a quickie layout, then figure out in the end I hit either the technique or the story prompt by accident.
    And that hair dryer is a beauty!

    1. Glad you can relate…I suspect you are not the only one. The dryer is indeed a beauty, it also simply feels lovely also.

  3. Evelyn Wullner

    Love this story! And dryer!! Fabulous!!!great layout – love how you kept the background white so the gorgeous colors of the hair dryer pop!

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