Day 23 Claire Cummings Ful Tank

Claire Cummings

4 thoughts on “Day 23 Claire Cummings Ful Tank”

  1. I haven’t paid attention to petrol prices (but will now). I have noticed that we’ve gone from filling up twice a week to only once in the last two months.

    1. MarciaFortunato

      Gas prices fell here in the States, too. I found it as low as $.89/gal at one point, but it has gone back up quite a bit…good for endangered gas companies, unfortunate for me. 😛 Love the story and the design with the paper that look like tires and the big arrow.

  2. Great page, I always take photos of gas prices when I travel, I don’t think that I have ever done a separate page on it though. Right now getting 8 weeks to the gallon, may not have to fill up for a while.

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