Day 23 Sheila Isbell scissors


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  1. What needs to be said:
    Today, May 23, 2020, mom and I spent 6.5 hours at her house sorting. That doesn’t count the hour plus drive time both directions. We made progress! I’m exhausted, sore, and 4.5 hours later still hungry. ☹️ There’s just SO much to do. It’s difficult to process. I’m MAD!! This shouldn’t be our job!! I’ve asked her for YEARS to sort and trash stuff. Her reply has always been, when I’m ready. When I have time. Her time is up and now she can’t process 3/4 of what needs to go. As soon as assisted living is opened she will be moving in. I am soooooo ready. She’s been with us over 2 months. Growing up she was never there for me. She provided but wasn’t there. I didn’t have a normal teen/ middle school or high school social life. I wasn’t allowed on a date except for prom. I hsd to babysit my little sister while she was out at the bar. Now I’m doing what’s right but it doesn’t mean I’m not mad. Not only is the property a mess but her finances are too. I’m not even her choice for power of attorney, Felicia is, but doesn’t want to be. I want the property on the market by fall but it can’t be listed until it’s cleaned out. This is just the house, not showing the 2nd bedroom, we have many outbuildings to go through too. 😭😭😭

    1. Thank you, Cyndi. Not what I was expecting to be dealing with on top of kids and hubby at home, right now. I actually envy my sister because she goes and works alone and gets so much accomplished. I have mom so I rarely get much done in hours.

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