Day 24 Karen Hobbs Gov’nor Inslee’s Four Part Stay Safe Plan

Karen Hobbs

3 thoughts on “Day 24 Karen Hobbs Gov’nor Inslee’s Four Part Stay Safe Plan”

  1. Again my husband came though with the clever lyrics! Governor Inslee is the head of the state of Washington. Photos are from early visits to family to deliver masks. Tried for a sort of collage look! 😊
    Here’s the lyrics:
    It was sixty days ago today
    That Jay Inslee said you cannot play
    You must stay alone inside your home
    To the malls and parks you cannot roam
    But may I introduce to you
    The places authorized in Stage 2
    Inslee’s great reopening plan
    We’re glad to see the governor’s Safe Start plan
    We’re anxious to get out and spend
    And with our governor’s Safe Start plan
    My dogs can get groomed once again
    Governor Inslee’s only
    Governor Inslee’s only
    Governor Inslee’s only Safe Start plan
    It’s wonderful to eat out
    The tables are outdoors
    But don’t get any closer
    We’d like to go back home tonight with our germs and not yours
    I don’t really want to face this summer
    With a vat of sanitizing gel
    And another round of social distance
    Perhaps we’ve entered Dante’s Hell
    So let me introduce to you
    The one and only path that’s clear
    Governor Inslee’s four-stage Safe Start plan

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