Day 24 Wynell Keel I Am Embracing My Gray


10 thoughts on “Day 24 Wynell Keel I Am Embracing My Gray”

  1. Good for you! I threw box color on my hair since I hated the look of the gray. Yours looks like it’s going to be pretty.

    1. Thanks, SandyH! I’m not sure how long I’ll let it go, but I’m willing to at least see if I like it!

  2. I haven’t colored in three years and mine looks like little silver highlights. I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like as I get more. I love that you documented this!

  3. Good job embracing the gray. It’s a hard thing to do. I’m where you are at but not ready to go totally gray yet. My husband said just go gray you are a grandma, I said fine for you your hair looks good with the salt and pepper color. Me not so much so my appointment got rescheduled from May 19 to June 9. Great layout

    1. Thanks, Linda Kostiuk! I’m a grandma too & just turned 70 years old earlier this month. I think I’m ready to go gray, but I can always have it colored again if I don’t like it. If I don’t try, I won’t know! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gina Cunningham! It’s definitely a process! I used the numbers to keep up with the documentation.

  4. me too, Wynell! But once I’m no longer terrified of going to the salon, I’m going blonde again. lol Love your photos! You’ve inspired me to take a few “to remember the grey”

    1. Thanks, Sharon Hill! I decided that this time we’re in gave me the opportunity to try it to see if I like it. If I don’t, I can always go have it colored again! We’ll see! 🙂

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