Day 27 Sheila Isbell black box


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  1. James’ pump is top of the line with the very newest fda approved feature. It’s a t:slim x2. It not only delivers insulin, like all insulin pumps, it connects to the Dexcom g6 sensor that tells it his glucose level every 5 minutes. In this way it can use its Basal Control feature, which Suspense giving him insulin if he is going low, something that a few other pumps sort of do. But its newest feature is having control IQ which is a Bolus feature (Conttol IQ) and when his blood sugar is too high it gives him more insulin without him programming it to!! These two features are extremely important. Suspending insulin keeping him from going to though can keep him from having seizures and going into a diabetic coma, from low blood sugar. Having it help control highs keeps him from having damage to his organs in that in the long run will give him a healthier life without complications. It’s these complications that type 1diabetes and type 2 diabetes share that give them both the diabetes name to the respective diseases. A high blood glucose can be very deadly also, for type 1. It’s the state a body goes into without any insulin. It’s actually what most type 1 die from if they ration their insulin.

  2. That’s a great layout to document the new equipment & the COVID shut down. Hope this new instrument works for him & makes his life easier & more productive.

  3. Karen Schwieger

    Wonderful layout documenting his journeys with getting the pump and during the quarantine no less. Sometimes things work out for the best.

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