Day 3 Cheryl Ashcraft Her Hands

Cheryl Ashcraft

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  1. Cheryl Ashcraft

    For today’s challenge, I chose to follow the story prompt and scrap a layout about hands – my mother’s hands in particular. She has always created with her hands. She’s an amazing cook, an accomplished artist, a talented embroiderer, and so much more. All these things she does with her hands. It was no surprise to me when my sister and I went over on Easter Sunday morning to have brunch with Mama, that afterwards while we were relaxing, she continued sewing masks for family and friends so that they would be safe during the COVID-19 Quarantine. I walked behind her at the sewing machine and took these photos while we were chatting and I was asking her questions about the pattern she worked out on her own as well as what type of fabrics she was using. It was only afterward that she realized I took photos, and asking to see them, complained of the age spots on her hands. I realized then and there that I didn’t even notice the spots – they were just Mama’s hands to me, always creating and always helping someone else.

  2. A very special memory to treasure. I’d like to do a similar page with a photo I have of my dads hands. Thank you for putting the spots on my hands into perspective.

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