Day 3 Jane Erickson Farewell Yellow Scarf


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  1. Journaling reads:
    Covid-19 has caused many of the normal parts of our lives to change dramatically. One of the industries that was hit hard was travel. United Airlines recognized quickly that this was not going to be a quick recovery. After international flight were restricted and many people were be required to work from home, companies were issuing orders for their employees to not make any non-essential airline trips. We watched for weeks as the planes flew nearly empty. Because of certain rules the airline could not immediately stop flying many of the scheduled planes. So for the first few weeks the full schedule was operating the planes were less than 10% full. Because of the lighter loads and in an attempt to save money United offered COLA (a company offered leave of absence without pay). I took a 6 month leave and felt like I was going to be enjoying baseball season without having to be worried about scheduling it around work. Little did I know that an almost total shutdown was on the way. As the virus continues to rage and the desire for air travel had flattened out United still needed to reduce costs and staffing and began offering a VSP (voluntary separation program) based on my years of service and age it seemed like a good time for me to take the package and retire. I will miss my time as a Global Services Representative and will really miss my GS colleagues.

  2. Betcei Butler

    I am so sorry you had to retire before you expected, but hopefully you are feeling safer at home. Great Layout!

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