Day 4 Cheryl Ashcraft Isolated

Cheryl Ashcraft

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Cheryl Ashcraft Isolated”

  1. Cheryl Ashcraft

    Stash Staples – Cardstock by Micheline Lincoln
    Everyday Journaling Vol 1 by Micheline Lincoln
    Everyday Journaling Vol 2 by Micheline Lincoln
    Stash Staples – Beaded Alpha by Micheline Lincoln
    Boredom by Allison Pennington
    Yas Spring by Mommyish Designs
    Be Positive Bundle by Micheline Lincoln and Studio Basic
    Hey Chickadee by Allison Pennington
    Font is Traveling Typewriter

    Watch me scrap this layout:

  2. Awww. Sweet kitty. This Covid-19 is getting tiresome for all of us. Great digital page. I love all the elements 😀

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