Day 4 Kathy Leicht Gregg Sun + Shine


7 thoughts on “Day 4 Kathy Leicht Gregg Sun + Shine”

  1. KathrynLeichtGregg

    Yep, taking a pic at night does nothing for the true color of the layout…sigh! The paper is really more pink-ish. Haven’t come up with what I want to journal yet but it will go somewhere on the bottom of the left side.

  2. Nice photo of you Kathy. I like the flower embellishments and the torn paper frame. It gives the feeling of life being easy and fun.

  3. I hear you on photographing layouts at night.

    The colours are beautifully soft. I love how you tore the frame around your photo. Love the flower embellishments too

  4. Claire Cummings

    This is so pretty – I thought it was digital! All that fussy cutting, Kathy – great job. What a fabulous photo.

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