Day 4 Laura Holgate Paint & Sip

5 thoughts on “Day 4 Laura Holgate Paint & Sip”

  1. Laura Holgate

    Had trouble with this tonight. Journaling will go on second page, which I will have to finish tomorrow. This was a PaintNite event (where everybody paints the same picture) at a beautiful vineyard/winery with my daughter. It was a fun mother/daughter activity before she moved across the country to NYC. Wish I had finished both pages. Sigh.

  2. Kathaleen Prunty

    I absolutely love this page. So much mood and feel with the pictures, title and pattern papers. Perfect.

  3. That’s a pretty layout. I like the colors and that cork paper at the bottom. Did you figure out why your layout turned sideways? All of mine are doing that. I made sure that the camera icon was upright when I took the photo. Then I checked to make sure the photo was upright after I took it, but when I upload it turns sideways.

    1. Laura Holgate

      I had problems with sideways pics in the last LOAD, but someone said if you make some adjustment or edit the photo before uploading, it will load correctly,
      That tip worked every time – until this time. I changed the lighting a little and resized it slightly, which should have been enough to make it load straight up, so I don’t know what happened.

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