Day 8 LOAD220 Evelyn Wullner Adventurous me!

Evelyn Wullner

3 thoughts on “Day 8 LOAD220 Evelyn Wullner Adventurous me!”

  1. Sorry to get all your heads all tilting 😬🤗😅. I’ll try not to do that again! I cannot get enough of sailing in rough waters getting all sideways with the side rail in the water…. I scream out like a kid on a roller coaster “whoooo hooo! Yay!!! I just LOVE the action! Many fun stories thankfully all ended well …. my dad lost a shoe once and he broke the safety line and almost fell backwards out of the boat- I caught him by his legs/knees holding him IN the boat. Whew! My hair has gotten drenched as if a bucket of water was thrown in me 😍😍😍 SUCH FUN!!!

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