Day 9 Jen Clayman L.A. & Pasadena Adventure (2)

Jen Clayman

6 thoughts on “Day 9 Jen Clayman L.A. & Pasadena Adventure (2)”

  1. Off-prompt today; my day was completely full from the time I woke up this morning till 9 pm, so it seemed like another good day to make a pocket page spread for my 2019 travel album. This is part 2 of our trip last January (2019) to visit friends in Southern California. One of the highlights was a tour of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where they make the Mars rovers and monitor the missions. I also took the kids to the La Brea Tar Pits, which is very close to where I lived when I was in graduate school. Being there brought back a flood of memories—good ones!

  2. Nothing wrong with an “off prompt” day! Love your pocket pages and embellishments – especially the yellow sun burst!

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