Day 9 Mary Lee Makinen Remembering Bertha

Mary Makinen

2 thoughts on “Day 9 Mary Lee Makinen Remembering Bertha”

  1. Bertha and I spent a lot of years together and shared a lot of our lives. When I saw the die cut of the two girls with the bears I had to used them. I was a middle school guidance counselor and I kept stuffed bears in the office. When Bertha came in, threw a bear to me and grabbed one to her stomach and sat, I knew she was going to share, going to get to the bottom of me or she had someone she wanted to me see or help. She had a faith that was unshakeable; she was the best friend and secretary. She was wonderful with the kids and faculty. No one could compare. Her brain cancer was a loss to so many. The picture of us together was June before she died in August.

  2. Shirley Macdougall

    Sorry for you loss – I lost a great friend of mine a couple of years ago and it is hard. Thanks for sharing your story with us

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