DAY1 Kelli Panique The Tree

Kelli Panique

4 thoughts on “DAY1 Kelli Panique The Tree”

  1. Kelli Panique

    I LOVED seeing the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC in person. That was a dream come true! It was amazing to be there and see all the lights and the ice skaters and all those things I’ve seen on TV all these years. It only seemed appropriate to use this super fancy Christmas paper that’s been languishing in my stash forever. 😉

  2. That paper is perfect! The picture of the tree with all the lights lit is awesome. I may just have to put NYC on my list to visit for Christmas time!

  3. Evelyn Wullner

    Gorgeous pictures and paper and layout! Fabulous job!!! I have see. The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center too and it is dreamy!

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