DAY10 Kelli Panique I Miss Travel

Kelli Panique

6 thoughts on “DAY10 Kelli Panique I Miss Travel”

  1. I found these photos when I was looking for some others and it made me think how much I miss travel. Hard to know when I’ll feel like traveling, especially on a cruise ship, which has always been one of our favorite vacations.

  2. Claire Cummings

    I was hoping to come to the US this/next year. I am not sure if that will be on the cards at all! Your page is lovely – I feel so relaxed now. I also wanted to go on a cruise – um, no. Not now!

  3. Evelyn Wullner

    Great layout! I love cruising too!

    I wonder I sure hope the world is able to return to some sort of travel comfort…

    I LOVE the quote/title!

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