Day10 Sonja Akins Miss You

Sonja Akins

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  1. PROMPT: The Beatles Second Album, All My Loving (Song)
    STORY: Scrapbook something you’re missing.
    TECHNIQUE: Create an informal grid layout inspired by cover of Beatles Second Album.

    STORY: I haven’t seen my Lydia in months due to social distancing.

    The journaling reads: I miss you, Lydi! I haven’t seen you since long before this novel coronavirus quarantine started on March 16. I think the last time I saw you was when you invited Pa & me over for lunch on February 9! I still have your St. Patrick’s Day cookie in the freezer & your gold, chocolate Easter bunny in your mail slot. There are undelivered VB Pink Swirls treats on the dining room table. Missing you is the worst part of social distancing for both Pa & me! Time for a drop-off & air-hugs by drive-by!
    Love you most, Ma

    Supply list:
    This is a digital layout.
    I started with the Layer Works No. 421 template by Kayleigh Wiles of Studio Double-D, with elements from Katie Pertiet. It’s available here:
    I moved several elements around on the template, and recolored others.
    I added a digital paper from the Color My Love Kit by Katie Pertiet, available
    The title letters (miss you) are from the Wood Veneer Words No. 30 kit by Katie Pertiet, available here:
    I replaced the button, owl, heart, and “LOVE YOU MORE” label by differently colored ones from the same Color My Love kit.
    The journaling was done using a custom font made from my own handwriting.
    I added the datelines in RoughTypewriter Regular font.

  2. I love your layout. Sweet journaling. I am a big Katie Pertiet fan and you have done such a nice job of making a digital template your own.

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