Marcie Levine

10 thoughts on “Day10”

  1. This could possibly be the worst put together layout I’ve ever made, LOL. I had these pictures said aside to do something with after LOAD, they go with the 7th birthday page I did earlier. But there’s a cake in it and I wanted to get something that remotely related to the prompt today. And I had to do it before I went to work this morning because I have a late night at work and a meeting after that so, here it is

  2. I know you said this is possibly the worst layout you’ve ever done but honestly I think it’s great. It’s so bright and it works with the birthday theme. Don’t give up friend… just keep killing it.

  3. I hear you – it’s hard going sometimes, when you’re working. I had that exact feeling about one of my (rushed) layouts this week but I don’t think it’s TOO bad looking back. Yours isn’t either – it’s fun and colourful and you’ve used a nice amount of photos. I like it!

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