DAY11 Kelli Panique HOCO 2019

Kelli Panique

4 thoughts on “DAY11 Kelli Panique HOCO 2019”

  1. Kelli Panique

    I struggled as a human being today, so no day in the life but I did get a Homecoming page with this beautiful photo.

    Then it made me a little sad because they didn’t get to go to Prom. 🙁

    At some point things will feel slightly normal again, right?

  2. Who knows when things will get normal again! But in the meantime, we get to spend time with wonderful photos like this one, right? I LOVE the big photo. It shines on its own.

  3. Laura Parsons

    Wow! Great photo. Love that you made it so large. So identify with the struggle of some of these days.

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