Day11 Sonja Akins Life Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Wonderful

Sonja Akins

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  1. PROMPT: Day In the Life (Song)
    STORY: Use the “Day in the Life” song inspiration to create a layout that represents a day in your life.
    TECHNIQUE: Use time/clocks on your page.

    STORY: I chose to tell the story of a day in my current quarantined life.

    The journaling reads:
    There are things worth celebrating in our quarantined life! We’re together. Everyone’s healthy. We have a home, plumbing, electricity, food, internet, TV, homeschool, Omi next door, and we haven’t run out of toilet paper – yet! So how have we been spending our time? Here’s a schedule of a typical (though definitely not normal) day in our life during the COVID-19 pandemic:

    6:30AM, Breakfast = I try to eat before the Critters (grandkids) arrive at 7AM. I like soft-boiled eggs, grits made with the spicy liquid from canned Del Monte Southwestern Style Corn, a navel orange, and coffee (black, or with Splenda and heavy cream). The kids like their Opa’s grits, made with butter, salt, pepper, and shredded cheddar cheese. Sometimes Rylee (6 years old) will use some of my heavy cream and my Pampered Chef Whipped Cream Maker to make whipped cream to put over her sliced banana. Sully (22 months old) eats bananas, too, and he likes grapes, but we still cut them in half for him. They drink milk or apple juice.

    7:30-9:30AM, Playtime = While we give Omi time to get her morning chores done, the Critters play or watch TV. Sully likes Peppa Pig on YouTube, while Rylee is into Big City Greens on Disney+. Often, Rylee will color, or play on her iPad, while Sully likes to push the shopping cart around or play with the Peppa toy sets on the hopscotch rug in the sunroom.

    9:30AM, Trip Nextdoor to Omi’s = When it’s time, we load the red wagon with homeschool stuff, my iPad or laptop, diapers and wipes for Sully, snacks, gel pens, toys, Rylee’s Frozen blanket and Lovey, Sully’s blanket and Bebe, and we all go next door to Omi’s. Sully helps me by pushing the wagon up the ramp as I pull. Opa goes, too, to help watch Sully while Rylee and I are homeschooling.

    10:00-1:00PM, Kindergarten Homeschool = Rylee has 1.5 – 4 hours of homeschool, Monday – Friday. We do reading, language arts, writing, math, science, social studies, and a special area (computer, dance, music, PE, theater, or art). We use websites like,,, and We use apps like ClassDojo and Seesaw. The school, SRAA (Saluda River Academy for the Arts), sends home packets of worksheets and assignments.

    Sometimes, Rylee just isn’t in the mood and she balks and whines. Other times, she’s gung-ho and enthusiastic! Sometimes, I can barely get her to read the first book on Kids A-Z. Other times, she’ll read a half-dozen books and collect 50 stars per book and 150 stars per quiz. As of today, she’s collected 6,360 stars! She started on Level C, but got bumped to Level G after the first few days. For a kindergartner, she’s an amazing reader! She enjoys both of the computer websites and will play on them beyond the homework assignment.

    Her language arts and math assignments don’t challenge her at all, so she whizzes through those. She gets bored with the coloring assignments when she has to color page after page in copied booklets of similar pictures. Sometimes, I’ll help by coloring the piece that repeats on each page, like the tub, where each page has a different animal in a tub. She’ll color the first few tubs, and all the animals, herself. She loves to draw and illustrate her sentence building sheets and doing her art assignments. Her favorite art project so far is the Hand in the Fishtank! She doesn’t mind the PE assignments: hopscotch, locomotor skills (hop, gallop, skip, and leap), or walk around the neighborhood with Opa. She loves the dance assignments: freeze dance, bunny hop, or mimic the dances on the GoNoodle videos. Music is fun: making a kazoo, drumming on a styrofoam pitcher, or singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. And theater had her making puppets out of toilet paper rolls!

    11:00AM-2:00PM, Sully Naps = Sully still sleeps an hour (or three!) at lunchtime. I give him a snack around 11AM, then put him in the pack-n-play in Omi’s office. Except for the rare occasion, he’s asleep in a few minutes, so I sit on the futon until he nods off. Then, we get a break! Opa goes home to eat his lunch and watch TV. We eat our lunch, have coffee and cake at 2PM (a tradition at Omi’s house), and as soon as Rylee is done with homeschooling, she gets to watch Netflix or Disney+ on Omi’s 55” Vizio Smart TV.

    2:00-5:00PM, Playing at Omi’s = After Sully wakes up, I change him and help him eat his lunch. Then he and Rylee play in Omi’s living room, her screened-in back porch, or in her back yard. When Uncle Ed and Uncle Pete were here, they took the kids outside to play. Ed would give them rides on the plant dolly, or let Rylee drive Omi’s electric scooter around the yard. Pete would give Rylee challenges, like timing her while she did laps around the back yard, or he’d give her a sequence of moves she’d have to remember and execute. Sully got to play with his ball or push the moving dolly around the yard. Mostly, he likes to chase after and emulate his “Sissy”! While the Critters were busy, Omi and I would compile our grocery lists and place an online order for Walmart pickup, or Uncle Pete would make a run to Walmart, Bi-Lo, or Publix. I’ve even done pickup at Target for canned DM SW corn and canned Progresso Chickarina soup, though I haven’t been able to find toilet paper anywhere, not even Amazon.

    Now that the Uncles are back in California, Omi or Opa will sit on the porch or in a chair on the deck and keep an eye on the Critters. That’s my break time from homeschooling, refereeing, feeding, and changing. I like to play my G5 Hidden City hidden object game! I justify it by using it to exercise my 64-year-old brain! I usually spend an hour or two on my game every day. Some days, when nearing the end of an “event,” I may play longer. I’ve been at Hidden City regularly for more than two years. I started back playing again during the five weeks in early 2018 that I spent in San Jose helping Mom get her house ready to sell, and I’ve been captivated by the artists and the challenges ever since!

    Today is a Monday, and my Cursillo Group has started meeting again in person. We did nothing for weeks, then we had a couple of virtual meetings on Zoom. Two weeks ago, we started meeting around Debbie’s pool, outside of course, staying six feet apart. We don’t touch each other, or even get close. We stay outside, but we get together as a group, pray, and enjoy each other’s company.

    On Wednesdays, we’re still not having choir practice. This weekend, mass will resume, with pages of provisos and restrictions. Only 100 people per mass, including the priest, deacon, lector, ushers, Eucharistic ministers, and a limited choir. Choir chairs are spaced six feet apart, so not all choir members will be allowed to sing. No hymnals in the pews, with every other pew roped off. Father Peter had the idea to put the TV up by the altar with the hymn lyrics. The choir will be singing only one verse of each hymn, into their masks! Everyone has to social-distance themselves, so parishioners will be sitting six feet apart. There will be no gatherings of any kind in the narthex or in the church. Inbetween the masses, the pews will have to be cleaned. Bathrooms will be for emergencies only. No gifts will be brought up and no baskets passed for collection. Communion will be single-file, six feet apart, with a specific traffic pattern, and scheduled at the very end of mass so no one returns to their pew, they just go straight out of the church. The 4::00 vigil mass will continue to be live-streamed for now, with the replay available on the church’s Facebook page.

    In the evenings, I catch up with my laundry, mail, cooking, veggie-chopping for salads, and during LOAD (Layout a Day) months (February, May, and October), I create a scrapbook layout based on a prompt from my online ScrapHappy group. This is often the best part of my day! I can spend several hours in my ScrapCave, doing hybrid, digital, or Project Life app layouts. I’m often still up at midnight, in time to see the next new prompt roll in! I love taking care of my Critters, but I need me-time, too! My BFF, Sharon, and I have done several virtual crops, where we’re each in our own scraproom, but we crop together via FaceTime. It helps get us through this pandemic!

    Friday nights have still been sleepover nights for Rylee. I’ve tried to keep that part as normal as possible. She stays after Sully gets picked up and we do a dinner she likes (pizza, chicken nuggets and French fries, or Chickarina soup). We finished the first two seasons of the new Lost in Space on Netflix this past Friday. We watch using the big arm-pillows in the master bedroom, and have microwave popcorn (thanks, Opa!) and Hershey’s Kisses (thanks, Oma!) until we get tired and go to sleep. On Saturday morning, Rylee wakes up first and goes downstairs, leaving me to catch another hour or so of shut-eye. Opa fixes his grits for Rylee and she eats breakfast, then entertains herself, usually on her iPad or watching the TV in the sunroom. I come down for breakfast later and then I drive her home after lunch. Some weekends, I keep her Saturday night, too, but those are special treats! All of this is what makes up a day in my life, right now.

    Supply list:
    This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    I started with the Squared Away 2 template.
    I used cards from the Adventure Edition.

  2. Kathaleen Prunty

    I love your layout. It has an amazing amount of journaling and photo yet it looks so clean.

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