Day12 BettyLou Koffel I Am 14 Again


8 thoughts on “Day12 BettyLou Koffel I Am 14 Again”

  1. Off Prompt today because this strange change in my being overtook me again today. It happens every year or two, I forget it and then it happens again when I least expect it. I find it fascinating that I feel transported to another place (and time?) whenever I hear one of the two songs which were songs that weren’t so much “ours”as simply associated with junior high dances & young romance. Does this happen to other people?

    I used Simple Scrapper membership template & Kristin Aargard For Those About to Rock

  2. Betty Lou, this is a lovely layout. Music is one of our greatest memory triggers. Love how you used both journalling and the song words in it.

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