DAY12: Shirley Martin – Cumulonimbus

Shirley Martin

10 thoughts on “DAY12: Shirley Martin – Cumulonimbus”

  1. I know this is a strange title, but I really couldn’t think of a better one. We saw this strange, beautiful, scary cloud formation when we were camping in Ogallala, NE (on our month-long, follow the Oregon Trail trip) in June 2010. We had gone through so much bad weather that, at one point, we seriously considered abandoning this trip and going home. But we persevered, and only experienced a few more minor weather conditions.

    It wasn’t until I got home that I found out this cloud is called a cumulonimbus cloud and can produce some very severe weather such as tornadoes and hailstorms. I’m so glad I didn’t know that when I was standing there just ecstatic over such a beautiful heavenly sight! I might not have been so appreciative of its beauty.

  2. What cool photos!! I think your title is perfect. When you’re on the plains it is amazing what the sky can look like; you captured a perfect moment!

    1. Thank you! I’ve never seen weather patterns like what we saw in Nebraska that year. The sky is so open! Living in the south, trees block out any sense of space. It was such an experience, and I’m so glad I saw this particular cloud formation. It was awesome!

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