Day12 Sonja Akins Will I Always Have My Books?

Sonja Akins

4 thoughts on “Day12 Sonja Akins Will I Always Have My Books?”

  1. PROMPT: Paperback Writer (Song)
    STORY: Scrapbook about reading or other leisure activity.
    TECHNIQUE: Used books, or dictionary papers on your page.

    STORY: Instead of reading, I talked about books.
    TECHNIQUE: I chose Project Life cards with books on them for my layout.

    The journaling reads: I have a lot of books! In my younger years, I belonged to several book clubs, so I accumulated many hardbacks. Most of those are in storage now. I have two collections that I treasure. I have every book written by Agatha Christie. Those are the ones with the navy blue bindings. The red leather bindings belong to my Stephen King Library. In later years, they switched to dust jackets and discontinued the leather. I was disappointed, because I liked the red bindings, but dust jacket books are better than no books, which was their next step in discontinuing the library shipments. I’m sure I’m missing the most recent of Mr. King’s works, but I’ll probably get those for my Kindle. That’s the way I’ve been buying my books these days, either for Kindle or through Audible. I love my hardbacks, but they take up space, they get dusty, and they’re heavy. When I travel, I can take dozens of volumes on my Kindle, but I can only carry one or two. I can’t read while I drive, but I can listen to my audiobooks on Audible. So will I always have my books? Yes! I might not keep my hardbacks forever, but I’ll have “books” on whatever media becomes available!

    Supply list:
    * This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    * I started with the Big Shot 23 template.
    * I used the School Themed Cards collection.

  2. I love books too. The house we live in just doesn’t have any more room for another bookcase, so I made the switch to Kindle. I haven’t tried Audible yet though

  3. It is a problem having a lot of books. Storing them or displaying. The worst is when you have to move. Cute embellishments.

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