DAY13 BettyLou Koffel Happy Birthday 2U


6 thoughts on “DAY13 BettyLou Koffel Happy Birthday 2U”

    1. Thank you, Janet. I am very happy with this morning’s decision to work through some older page kits I’ve been saving.

  1. As it turns out, somewhat by chance, I am on prompt today because this page does represent several important decisions.
    #1: I decided that LOAD220 would be perfect for another challenge. Could I possibly finish decrease the size of my pile of unused (nearly vintage) page kits bought from my LSS which closed at least 10 years ago? The ones that have been paired with already printed photos are really ripe for completion. This was a great decision.
    #2: I decided to open the box and start with whatever was on top. This was also a good decision as you will see if you continue to read.
    #3: In none of the photos that include me from this day are my eyes open. This is actually a pretty good decision because today is #eyesclosed day for the #aepiecesofus challenge. It’s also a good decision because I am still in the story.
    #4: My journaling includes the decision made by my friend (in the white blouse/purple jacket) to take the day off, drive with me to pick up up daughter, meet the others for lunch, drive back home in a snow storm, and urge me to stay near the airport for my early morning flight home. This pretty much took the whole day (9+ hours) for a trip that’s about 140 miles one way. We did not spend five hours at Red Lobster! I made two great decisions here: accepting her offer/advice & having her as a friend in the first place.

  2. super memories and I love the list you’Ve created in the comments here – you should add it to the back of your layout! I love a good double spread and often think I should do more of them!

  3. Thanks to Lisainre, this layout now has this post and a copy of today’s prompt printed and taped to the back of page 2 with a note on one of those blank white half circles to pull the layout out and “read about LOAD220 Day 13”. I am thrilled.

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