Day13 Nikki Kann Where Will She Go?

Nikki Kann

6 thoughts on “Day13 Nikki Kann Where Will She Go?”

  1. College decision time! My daughter visited the first 5 colleges last March that helped to give her a better idea of what she wanted and didn’t want. Two of those she did not apply to (Old Miss and Alabama), but decided to also apply to 2 schools that she never set foot upon. She got accepted to all that she applied. At the end of February and/or March, we will visit The College of Charleston and LSU before she makes her final decision. Right now, Auburn is her first choice.

  2. Such an exciting time! Love the circle photos and brief journaling about each school. Making this a two-stage spread allows a lot of breathing room…well done.

  3. This is a great layout. Wishing her and you the best in this life determining decision. I know you are letting her decide but her choice will affect the two of you in so many ways.

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