Day13 Sonja Akins Rylee’s in Kindergarten

Sonja Akins

5 thoughts on “Day13 Sonja Akins Rylee’s in Kindergarten”

  1. The journaling reads: Rylee started kindergarten at the Saluda River Academy for the Arts on August 19, 2019. There were two kindergarten classes (Mrs. Donna Brown’s and Mr. Jerrell Davis’s), and she was assigned to Mrs. Brown’s class. Eva and I attended the orientation and we were very happy with Mrs. Brown and her curriculum. It turned out that there were too many students for just those two classes. A third class was created, and Rylee was moved to Mrs. Tressie Derrick’s class. Mrs. Derrick had been a second grade teacher prior to her reassignment. It wasn’t Eva’s first choice, but there wasn’t much we could do about it. So far, it seems to be working out OK, but I sometimes think Rylee would have done better with Mrs. Brown’s many years of kindergarten experience. Time will tell.

  2. She is a beautiful kindergartner!! I like the design of your layout with the big picture of her & the journaling & title to the side.
    It’s hard when that happens. I hope her kindergarten year continues to go well.

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