Day13 SueCarey Geology or Computer Science?


8 thoughts on “Day13 SueCarey Geology or Computer Science?”

  1. I really like this layout – I didn’t read your entire story – but your page follows the big decision you had to make

  2. I love this for so many reasons. The journaling, the lack of photo, the bold title, the stitching, the mixed media and all those horizontal lines. It’s perfect. Good for you for supporting your hubby through a difficult decision!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your story! I graduated with a BS in Geology the same year you and your husband graduated and then entered graduate school. The bottom did fall out for the oil & gas business in the 80’s, but I was fortunate to find work with an independent producer. It’s wonderful that he has enjoyed his career change and still get to appreciate his love for geology. A win-win situation.

    I love the design of your layout with all the angles! So eye-catching and fun!

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