Day14 Sonja Akins The Wizard

Sonja Akins

4 thoughts on “Day14 Sonja Akins The Wizard”

  1. The journaling reads: On 2/7/2020, I went to my first escape room. My teammates were Debbie Bernhagen, Debbie Murphy, Erin Burdick, and Mickey Mahon. We did “The Wizard” at Escape Room Columbia. It was fun, but a bit frustrating, because some of the clues didn’t respond quickly, so we would move on to something else. Eventually, the proctor prompted us to try again and “be patient,” and a couple of clues each of us had tested and abandoned worked after we waited long enough. Our failed attempts cost us time, so we didn’t solve the quest, coming up only two clues short! But we had such fun that we celebrated at Mellow Mushroom afterwards!

  2. That’s an awesome photo of your group! I love that you’re holding all the signs & then the great story. A+ on today’s layout! 🙂

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