Day15 Laura Holgate – Twice is Nice

Laura Holgate

9 thoughts on “Day15 Laura Holgate – Twice is Nice”

  1. As I look at this photo, I see the title is crooked, so I’ll have to fix it. I was out of permanent adhesive and used repositionable – unfortunately, I think it repositioned itself without my help! I’m not happy with my journaling, so I guess I’m glad it’s only on there with the removable tape runner – that will make it easy to change. Sigh.

  2. I didn’t notice anything crooked, just thought it was well laid out and I liked the journaling. Great story told.

    1. Thanks! I know we’re probably all our own worst critics, and would like to be better at not getting hung up on the little things.

  3. Cynthia Mckenzie

    This is an awesome layout. I love the humanness (is that a word?) in my work. We are always our own worst critic. I had to struggle to see crooked in title or problem with journaling. It is such an amazing layout. But I have problems sleeping after I post a layout and then need to change something. But at this breakneck speed, stuff is gonna happen! I love your colors also.😍

  4. As many mistakes as I have seen in my layouts, I have never taken the time to redo a page. As someone prior said, it shows the humanness of us all. I don’t see anything crooked and happen to love the page and the journaling!
    That all said, I have used undu more during this month than I have in my whole life. I think that is old age though, I’m just doing weird things, lol. This is beautiful though, and a beautiful couple!

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