DAY15 Lisa Hausmann At Balvenie


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  1. LOAD220 – Day 15 – off prompt
    Counterfeit Kit Challenge November kit, Twinkle

    I’m off prompt today because I decided to make a second page to accompany yesterday’s so that it has become a two page spread. I used the same papers and design and stitching and continued the title so it now reads “Whisky Lessons At Balvenie” which makes sense and includes the other three photos that I really wanted to for this experience. Tomorrow is journaling day (I hope) for all the layouts that I haven’t got around to doing yer – need to check out details etc from my travel journal!


  2. I have always wanted to do a page with staggered strips of papers behind photos! Nice job! I also love the stitching! I am like you in terms of journaling… I have been good this LOAD! Except today 🤪. It really did t fit anywhere as I used 4 pics!

    Great layout!

  3. KathrynLeichtGregg

    I am working backwards in seeing all of your LO’s and I see why you are missing your sewing machine as the stitching adds a special touch …and you want to keep all your
    Scotland pages with that special touch. You will get them done, tho…does anyone in your scrap group have one they could bring to your Thursday night crops and let you borrow it? those pics are great!

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