Day15 Sonja Akins My First Surgery

Sonja Akins

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  1. The journaling reads: I was 20 days short of being 64 years old when I had my first surgery, an umbilical hernia repair, on 2/4/2020. I don’t remember when I first noticed my hernia, but I don’t remember having it before I retired in 2013. It had been getting worse the last couple of years, so Dr. Payton Foust referred me to a surgeon, Dr. Richard Webb, at Lexington Surgical Associates. Dr. Webb said it was rather large and if it was bothering me, he could fix it. I trusted him. He had been active-duty army for 11 years and he earned the Combat Medical Badge for providing surgical care while being engaged by the enemy. I thought he could handle a simple hernia!

    It was supposed to be outpatient surgery, but I developed a slight complication in recovery. It took a bit longer than expected for me to wake up, and every time I went to sleep, my oxygen saturation dropped. Dr. Webb finally decided to keep me overnight to monitor me, and have me use a CPAP machine, which gave me a panic attack. I’m a licensed scuba diver and I have no problem breathing underwater, through a mask, but this was different. After I made it through the night, I was discharged. I got to sleep in my own bed at home. I was so grateful!

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