Day16 Daniela Messingschlager – Sport


8 thoughts on “Day16 Daniela Messingschlager – Sport”

  1. This layout is about my daughters love for football. The journalling is hidden on the tags and reads:
    “Last Year Tanja turned from being a football fan to being a football player. The Würzburg Panthers are building a womens team and she wanted to give it a try. After a few practives she decided that this is her game and she bought her equipment… Helmet, shoulder pads …
    They do not have enough team members yet to be able to play, but sometimes they drive to Nuremberg and practice with the womens team there. The drive makes the training harder and I hope for them that they will find more members soon.”
    I used the team colors: black, white and red and added a bit of yellow, because her Howarts House is Hufflepuff.

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