DAY17 Alice Boll Destination Organization

Alice Boll

9 thoughts on “DAY17 Alice Boll Destination Organization”

  1. I would never have written on that bold paper but it’s fabulously easy to read! Nice job with the arrow pointing to scrapbook room nirvana…

  2. Cynthia Mckenzie

    Awesome layout, beautiful message. My Scrappy place looks so awful right now, don’t know how I am popping out layouts. One day….one fine day🤩

  3. It’s too funny that Im so attracted to all these great bold designs on a day that Im making a very monocromatic page. Love the diversity in this gallery. Your craftroom looks like an oasis, and an escape of my dreams!

  4. I love the paper you chose! Your picture is perfect and in just the right spot; I never know how to use paper like this. I will have to remember your design.

  5. Nadine Ballantyne

    Great Job Alice!! What a great idea for organization accountability!! I think we could all use a little of that!

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