DAY17 Sonja Akins Krispy Kreme Salesman

Sonja Akins

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  1. PROMPT: A Hard Day’s Night (Song/Movie)
    STORY: Scrapbook a story about work.
    TECHNIQUE: Use woodgrain/wood veneer and use a Black & White image.

    STORY: I didn’t have any pictures from my work still on my iPad (I retired almost seven years ago), so I used some cute pictures of my grandson doing his “work”!

    The journaling reads:
    Thinking “Are they still in here?”
    “No!” (He means “Yes!”)
    “Gigi’s dadas!” (He means “donuts!”)
    “Mmm, mmm, mmm!”
    photos by Vanessa Flores 5/4/2020
    documented by Sony 5/17/2020

    Supply list:
    * This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    * I started with the Big Shot 19 template.
    * I used the Forever Young Edition.

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