Day17 Valerie Smith Hard Days Night Work From Home


4 thoughts on “Day17 Valerie Smith Hard Days Night Work From Home”

  1. Hard Days Night… Working from home is certainly something new to me. Figuring it out one day at a time was worth recording and capturing. Our district did an amazing job at encouraging staff, students and the community as we regrouped for something new in the middle of a very strange season in our world. I used wood elements on prompt… I skipped the B&W pictures but used B&W elements on the page for some pop. My niece is pictured with me. She finished her University semester at our house. Her internet at home could not support her User Experience/Game Design WiFi needs. We loved having her and her roommate, too. It helped break up the quarantine boredom.

  2. Melanie credit Radko

    I love how you pulled together the theme of “charter” into the working at home. What a great page.

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