Day19 Sonja Akins First a German, but Destined to Be an American

Sonja Akins

6 thoughts on “Day19 Sonja Akins First a German, but Destined to Be an American”

  1. PROMPT: Yesterday (Song)
    STORY: Scrapbook a page with an appreciation for childhood. (Perhaps something you appreciate that you didn’t have to deal with as a child.)
    TECHNIQUE: Old product/product from a designer who has retired.

    STORY: I told the story of how I might’ve grown up German, but how much I now appreciate having been raised American.

    The photo caption reads: Summer of 1957. Sonja, one year old, with her godmother, Aunt Lydia.

    The journaling reads: My mother is German. My father was Puerto Rican. I was born in Germany before they were married and I have a German birth certificate. I could easily have grown up in Germany and stayed a German citizen all my life. But my dad was determined to marry my mom. He was in the U.S. Army and kept getting himself stationed in Germany until Mom said yes. They finally got married, he claimed me, and filed my U.S. naturalization papers. When I was four, he was transferred to Fort Lewis WA and took Mom, me, and my two little brothers with him. (My little sister came along later.) So, I grew up an army brat and was raised American! I took it all for granted as a child, but as an adult, I realized and appreciated what Dad did for me by giving me the best life possible in the USA!

    Supply list:
    * This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    * I started with the Big Shot 14 template.
    * I used the Heritage Edition.

  2. What a fantastic page and I loved reading your story. Your dad was very persistent and must haves loved you all very much.

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