Day21 Karen Hobbs Helter Skelter Social distancing

Karen Hobbs

4 thoughts on “Day21 Karen Hobbs Helter Skelter Social distancing”

  1. My clever husband again provided me with alternative lyrics to fit my quarantine album theme! I had fun making my shiny metallic accents and putting my photos all helter-skelter on the page! Here’s the lyrics they were hard to read on the shiny paper.
    When I get to this autumn, I go back to my favorite dive
    Where I stop for a drink and I’m seated inside
    Till the next wave comes and I’m sent home again
    Yeah, yeah

    Do you, don’t you want me to wear masks
    I’ll wear one of course, without even asking
    Tell me, tell me, tell me, come on tell me the answers
    Should I risk exposure, tell me, what are my chances?
    Look out,

    Look out, COVID COVID
    She’s spreading out fast
    Yes, she is
    Yes, she is
    Spreading out fast

  2. Great new lyrics! I felt the Helter Skelter of your layout, which was a positive considering the topic and, of course, the prompt for today. I knew you had done it purposefully. All your elements work well for the theme and prompt.

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