DAY22 Sonja Akins One Friend Can Change Your Whole Life

Sonja Akins

7 thoughts on “DAY22 Sonja Akins One Friend Can Change Your Whole Life”

  1. PROMPT: Yellow Submarine (Song/Movie)
    STORY: Scrapbook a story about friends … what do you do with friends?
    TECHNIQUE: Use yellow!

    STORY: I found some photos of besties and told about our relationships in general.
    TECHNIQUE: I found journaling cards with yellow accents.

    The journaling reads: These are my friends, not all of them, but a nice selection! There are blondes, redheads, brunettes, and grays. Some I’ve known since I was a toddler, others I met as an adult. Some live in the U.S., others in Europe. None of my online-only friends are pictured here, but they’re my friends too. All here are female, but I have male friends as well. Some are Catholic like me, others are not. Some are married like me, others are not. Some are parents and grandparents like me, others are not. Some are dog people, some are cat people. I have friends I sing with, scrapbook with, craft with, travel with, chat with, pray with, visit with, eat with, kid with, and tease with. We teach each other things, and learn from one another. They put up with me and I put up with them. We aren’t perfect, so we have to forgive each other, some more than others, but they’re all worth it, as I seem to be to them. We care about each other. We like each other. We’re friends!

    Supply list:
    * This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    * I started with the Squared Away 15 template.
    * I used the Shine Bright Value Kit for the title card.
    * I used the Slate Edition for the journaling card.

  2. I am absolutely captivated by this page, your journaling is spot on. We all need friends right now more than ever and can hardly wait to see many of mine in person.

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