DAY23 Sonja Akins Pompeii Moves Me

Sonja Akins

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  1. PROMPT: Something (Song)
    STORY: What is something that MOVES you? (emotional/physical)
    TECHNIQUE: Include something that moves on your page … or arrows to symbolize motion.

    STORY: This prompt reminded me of my trips to Pompeii. I was moved on each visit.
    TECHNIQUE: I found a journaling card with arrows.

    The journaling reads: Ron and I visited Pompeii on June 9, 2016. We were on a Grand Tour of Italy with Bob and Dee Durrett, and many others. I had been to Pompeii three times before: in 1998 with Lydia, in 2004 with Eva, and in 2012 with Joyful Noise. The tour with Ron was by far the shortest, which was disappointing because Pompeii moved me. On my first visit, it brought me to tears. I got close to tears on each following visit, realizing that the streets I was walking on had been buried under 19 feet of ash and other volcanic debris, including “pyroclastic material—a fluidized mixture of hot rock fragments, hot gases, and entrapped air moving at high speed in thick dark clouds that hug the ground” which killed thousands of people during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24 & 25, 79 A.D. The city’s sudden burial protected it for the next 17 centuries from vandalism, looting, and the destructive effects of climate and weather, so I was walking in a city out of time. There were also “bodies” on display. In 1864, Giuseppe Fiorelli, discovered that the decayed corpses left voids in the ash. They poured plaster into the cavities, creating plaster casts of the voids. The casts show the people and animals as they died: lovers, families, children, and pets. Tears are appropriate when imagining that horrible event of the destruction of Pompeii.

    Supply list:
    * This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    * I started with the Design O template.
    * I used the Moments Like These card kit for the title card.
    * I used the Adventure Edition for the journaling card.

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