DAY24 Sonja Akins A 37-Year Career

Sonja Akins

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  1. PROMPT: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Song/Album Cover)
    STORY: Before/after layout – show how you’ve changed … moving on from the past.
    TECHNIQUE: Drawing inspiration from the album cover create a collage on your layout!

    STORY: I told the story of my working career, from new lab tech to retirement as supervisor of accounts payable.

    The journaling reads:
    I started my career in January 1977 at Lexington County Hospital in West Columbia, SC. I worked in the clinical laboratory, on second shift (3P-11P), as a medical technologist. Ron and I had been married three years when the June1977 photo was taken at Carowinds. In those days, we were allowed food and drink in the laboratory (hence the Coke cans on the table), we worked without gloves, and smokers even laid their cigarettes down on the edge of the counter if they had to pipet something by mouth. 😮 Over the years, things changed and rules were put in place for our health and safety. I worked in clinical laboratories at LCH (where I left as supervisor of Chemistry), BioMetrics in Monterey, CHOS (Community Hospital of Salinas) in CA (where I left as Laboratory Manager), Byrnes Laboratory at the SC Department of Mental Health in Columbia (where I left as Laboratory Manager), and Lexington Medical Center in Irmo (where I moonlighted on the weekends for 15 years).

    During my time as a medical technologist, I earned an MBA from the University of SC (1989-1993). That degree gave me the opportunity to leave the laboratory (except for my moonlighting weekends) and work first in Corporate Compliance (2003-2007), and then in Finance (2007-2013), from where I retired in June 2013 as the Supervisor of Accounts Payable for the Department of Inpatient Services at the SC Department of Mental Health. Those first eight years at LCH, I didn’t participate in the SC retirement system, because I knew Ron’s job in the army would have us moving away. When he retired from the army to settle back in SC, and I started working at SCDMH, I bought back those eight years, which contributed to my 28-year retirement term. I officially retired in 2008, but kept working through the TERI (Teacher and Employee Retirement Incentive) Program for their full five years. After 37 years, I was older and wiser, but still, and always, a “lab rat” at heart!

    Supply list:
    * This is a digital layout using the Project Life app.
    * I started with the Design Q template.
    * I used the Heritage Edition.

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