Day26 BettyLou Having Fun?


7 thoughts on “Day26 BettyLou Having Fun?”

  1. Once again, I had a plan & it changed. I almost always check the LOAD prompt before going to sleep (that’s a benefit of my time zone, it’s easy). Sometimes I have an immediate idea that’s confirmed by sleep, sometimes I awaken with an idea or a modification. Today I was planning an off-prompt layout & in fact, started it. But then, discussing an article from Sunday’s newspaper morning at breakfast with my husband led me to a new idea based on a photo I recalled. Turns out I was wearing the outfit I remembered in a different photo (the middle one on my layout) so I changed the plan once again. I’m glad I’ve created this layout. Simple design with a story that spans years.

    Just Jaimee Storyteller April 2017 template
    Katie Pertiet Vintage Book Papers #2
    Katie Pertiet Graphed Notebook Paper #4

  2. Claire Cummings

    A great take on the prompt. How interesting that you chose to focus on facial expressions. I think that’s very clever. I like the layout of your page.

  3. Betcei Butler

    I love your layout! Sometimes we forget how apprehensive our children are with new experiences!

    1. Thank you. Progression over time is the reason I have Library of Memories albums instead of chronological ones. I love this type of layout.

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