DAY29 BettyLou COVID-19 May 29th


5 thoughts on “DAY29 BettyLou COVID-19 May 29th”

  1. What a change in the freeway traffic today! Stopped for the first time in three months for a ramp meter in the ‘hood. It was just two weeks ago that I realized how long it had been and made a detour of a few miles to take a photo. Today, that would not have been a 5 minute detour.

    I’ll be adding this to my Life in the Time of COVID-19 minibook. I’ve got a few pages I’ve been thinking about but journaling about the return to normal freeway traffic with a ramp meter on at 1315 on a Friday & two lanes of stopped traffic on I-5 after my left exit at 1545. Thank goodness for that exit lane. Yes, that’s pretty much the norm and my county is not yet “open.”

    1. Amy, thanks. Yes the end is in sight. I’m ready, I’ve got layouts I’ve started this month but didn’t finish on the day I started them. I want to FINISH them.

  2. @Cyndi, Thank you. A ramp meter controls traffic at a freeway on ramp. The idea is that it slows traffic buildup so that none of the ramps completely stop due to traffic.

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