DAY6 Ali MacDonald Scrabble (left side)


4 thoughts on “DAY6 Ali MacDonald Scrabble (left side)”

  1. Blessed Little Moments-
    Please Note: I have made 2 sets of these 2 facing-page LOs. One is ours, and one is for our daughter, Kate. They are similar, with the same journaling, but not the exact same colour-scheme or title work . 🙂 TYFL! ~Ali

    Scrabble game at Ali and Pete’s place
    Photos by Lilia and Pete
    September 21, 2019
    Kingston, NS

  2. Evelyn Wullner

    Love this! Love scrabble too! So nice to have so many family together to play! 😍. I love the paper with letters. I never thought of using it for scrabble page! I always think school. Lol

    Beautiful title and flowers!!!

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