DAY7 Ali MacDonald Scrabble (right side)


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  1. It’s More Fun With Family-

    Playing Scrabble is something Grandma is VERY good at. When Daniel mentioned he’d like to play Scrabble during an upcoming visit, we made it happen! We all had a lot of fun as relative Scrabble “newbies” and Grandma was able to share some good game advice with us! We played for about 2 hours. Lilia sat on Kate’s lap and “helped” her Mom’s game when it was their turn. Interestingly, she also took many of the excellent photos you see here. Playing Scrabble was a lot of fun and something we hope to repeat during Grandma and Grandpa’s next visit!

    September 21, 2019
    Scrabble Game
    Kingston, NS

    1. Please Note: I have made 2 sets of these 2 facing-page LOs. One is ours, and one is for our daughter, Kate. They are similar, with the same journaling, but not the exact same colour-scheme or title work. The other two were already posted during this LOAD.🙂 TYFL! ~Ali

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