Day8 Alison Day – Expand 2020

Alison Day

6 thoughts on “Day8 Alison Day – Expand 2020”

  1. Not to the prompt but I have actually scrapbooked the Hogwarts Express before so felt I could deviate 😉
    Plus I’ve been wanting to document my One Little Word for awhile … no time like the present! I used stickers from one of the I Am collections from Simple Stories – a shoe because I want to keep running; a journal because I want to keep up my daily mindful journaling; a telephone because I want to get better at actually calling people (such a text/PM junkie!); and a typewriter because I want to start a book.

  2. That’s super! Well done for getting this done – it’s gorgeous. I love all the symbols you’ve used. I adore layouts with hidden symbolism.

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