DAY9 Lisa Hausmann Sandend


5 thoughts on “DAY9 Lisa Hausmann Sandend”

  1. LOAD220 – Day 9 – off prompt because I had some assignment work that needed to be done!
    Counterfeit Kit Challenge Nov kit

    After yesterday’s disastrous (to me) layout about Scotland, I decided to give it another go today! I had some “challenges” along the way (photo printing, smudging, etc etc etc) but I’m much happier with this one. Sorry about the awful quality of the photo – the light here is still pretty appalling most of the time! I think I might need to tweak that trapped space there under the heart and next to the subtitle.

  2. KathrynLeichtGregg

    Today when I looked at all the LO’s on page one, yours jumped out to me. Yep, your style!It’s lovely with all the stitching and layering…and great North Sea pics! I can feel the cold.

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