Day9 Sonja Akins BFF for 43 Years

Sonja Akins

6 thoughts on “Day9 Sonja Akins BFF for 43 Years”

  1. The journaling reads: Things we have in common:
    • we’re both lab techs
    • we like photography
    • we have husbands
    • we were caregivers to our dads
    • we like good food & good wine
    • we’re crafters & scrapbookers
    • we like technology
    • we like to travel
    • we’re retired

    Sandy and I have been best of friends since we met on the job in 1977, in the clinical laboratory at Lexington County Hospital. Even when we no longer worked together, we’d go to lunch, we’d meet at crops, and we’d make an extra effort to stay in touch. It’s been 43 years, we’re both retired, and we still visit each other, even though we now live in different states. We even play the same game online, when time allows! We share photos, the progress of our current craft projects, and our health issues. Here’s hoping we have many years of friendship ahead! Real BFFs are hard to find!

  2. I love this! The large photo is great, contrasted with the old photo. Love the list & the story. Way to rock the Project Life and make it look awesome!

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