LOAD220 Day 10 Natalie Schmidt The Living and Dining Rooms at 681 Broadview

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. LOAD220 Day 10 – The Dining and Living Rooms of 681 Broadview (my childhood home)
    Thanks so much for looking! I’m completely off-prompt today, as I’ve never been a huge sweet tooth. 😉 Instead, I decided to work on another page for my ‘Home’ album. The background paper was made to mimic the original wallpaper of the dining room, although, in real life, it was also flocked velvet, just to give you the entire sensational experience. 🙂

    Journalling reads: The living & dining rooms at 681 Broadview were kept as the ‘good rooms’ of the house, & although many circuits of ‘the circle’ between them, the landing, & the kitchen have been raced by both kids & pets alike, this was the room reserved for the Mom’s Bridge Club nights, fancy & holiday family meals, the locked cedar chest & its scented treasures, & having your photo taken prior to leaving for Baptisms, dance recitals, & Sweet 16 dinners. I get all misty & nostalgic remembering how magical this space became over the holidays. Mom *loved* decorating for Christmas, & the living room hosted a number of twinkly lights, her rustic wooden creche, & her handcrafted ornament tree. In the evenings, I loved sitting in silence on the couch & watching the snow softly falling through the big bay window. Very peaceful! These 2 rooms enjoyed many renovations throughout the years: from rust drapes & flocked damask wallpaper with gold velour accents & a chandelier to floral prints, to a calming spruce green with a different couch & love seat & the spaces of dining & living being swapped. Scott now has the couch & love seat + the dining table at his home.

    Template credit: Simple Scrapper Membership Template #83

  2. I just love the design of this page… the strip of smaller photos along the side works so well! I seriously think you did such a good job picking your papers and embellishments to go so well with your photos. It all just flows so well together.

  3. Great job! Look at us wellness people both going off-prompt today when it’s all about processed sugar! 🙂 I did some old photos today, as well. We’re getting stuff checked off on our projects. Go us!!!

    1. Indeed, Sue. I never thought of that angle, but ‘yay, us!’ indeed. 🙂 I’ll look for your page, too, as I love looking at old photos.

  4. Fabulous – photos from different years pull this page of memories together. Your journalling is wonderful. I want to sit quietly and watch snow falling ..

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