LOAD220 Day 11 Natalie Schmidt – The Family Room of 681 Broadview Avenue

Natalie Schmidt

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  1. Yes! I can finally be on-prompt and work some more on my ‘Home’ album. Thanks so much for looking!

    Journalling reads: The family room of 681 Broadview was definitely the heart of the entire home. It’s where we not only hosted family Christmas get-togethers, numerous birthday parties & my Uni Grad Fête, it’s where we relaxed together as a family, watching TV shows (the Muppet Show, Quincy, M.A.S.H., & The Wonderful World of Disney, to name a few) or (eventually) a VHS movie rented from Blockbuster Home Video or films/shows that Dad would record for us from the TV (my favourite was a thriller that involved a time-travelling aircraft carrier, called ‘The Final Countdown’). We first had a huge console TV (complete with a cabinet so large that I could crawl into its back & hide), & then we upgraded as technology advanced. Dark wood panelling graced most of its walls, save the one filled by built-in bookcases that housed my precious Encyclopaedia Britannica sets, our stereo record player, & our photo- graph albums, a lot of clutter (& sometimes event Scott & me!), & the gorgeous feature wall built of field stones that boasted our wood-burning fireplace & bench hearth. Art hung on its walls ranged from a rough-hewn green-dyed burlap canvas displaying an arrangement of driftwood, a painting of a beached shipwreck with a heavy, gilded frame, & a petit-point magnolia piece. Mom ensured that the furniture, lighting fixtures & accessories were all of the highest couture of the late 1970s/early 1980s home décor: brown couch & chair, rust floral patterned love seat, & rust orange & olive green velour body pillows & cushions (these are why I’m such a floor person). The carpet was a harvest gold until it was changed out for a low pile sandy beige broadloom, then finally to a neutral berber a number of years later when the bookcases were removed & the palette changed to burgundy leather furniture & grey painted walls. My piano arrived in our home in time for me to begin lessons in Sept. of 1980, & it remained in that back alcove until Kyle & I had it moved to our Pickering home. The sliding glass door was used to exit on to the back patio to BBQ, & then very rarely once the BBQ moved up to the verandah. Whether watching TV or listening to music & dancing, or playing my own music, this was my favourite room in the whole house.

    Template credit: Anita Designs – In Retrospect Template 9

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I feel truly fortunate to have grown up in such a lovely home. I’m sending some gratitude out there for some of the simple things I took for granted as a child.

    1. Thanks, Tina! It’ll have a companion page at some points with an adorable pic of my Brother and I stuffed into one of the bookcase shelves. 🙂

  2. Beautiful writing—I can really picture everything based on your descriptions. Plus you took me back to the family room in my first house growing up, which had a green velour couch (love the 70s)!

    1. Thanks, Jen! I really wanted to describe everything as I remembered it. I’m a very sensorial person. Hubby thinks I’m crazy because I remember so many details of everything.

    1. Thank you. I pride myself in detail recall. Others think me crazy with my detail retention, but I think it’s my superpower. 😉

  3. This is fabulous! I didn’t even think about doing a room from a childhood home. I may carve out time to do another page later…have a great picture of my favorite room in my house growing up that this has inspired me to scrap!

  4. I love your layout, Natalie! It sure brings back memories of my own childhood. We had so many similar features in our home (except our colors were avocado green and harvest gold). I too learned to play the piano on an old upright, so that brought back great memories too. I love all your furniture accent pieces! So well done, and your journaling is fabulous!

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